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About McCuaig Solutions Corp.

The products that will make your company’s success possible must be manufactured by a company that you can count on. The products have to be manufactured according to the relevant regulations, have a consistent quality and at a cost that will allow both companies to make a profit. One of the most important choices in the life of your company is who you will partner with to manufacture your products.

The experience and reputation McCuaig Solutions Corp. has in providing a comprehensive private label program is your guarantee of satisfaction. In addition to our private label program our efficient manufacturing methods and low overhead enables us to offer contract manufacturing services to other manufacturers and promoters.

We are in business to serve businesses and we welcome small to medium sized runs. We encourage the entrepreneurial spirit by offering small minimum orders, private label options and unique formulations that perform as well as they look and feel.

Our customized service helps assess your individual needs and expectations and will work with you.

Customers must comply with all associated government regulations and we will provide assistance in this area. Please refer to our “Links” section for additional information regarding Canadian and USA regulations.

Private Label
There are many reasons you may decide that it is best to private label your own products as opposed to selling products branded by another company. A major reason is that you have the power of the brand working for you. When somebody is buying a product that you have branded, they are much less likely to switch to purchasing from a competitor. The consumer now likes your product, they like your brand. It encourages loyalty.

Another popular reason for Private Label is control, the pride of ownership. You now decide what goes into your product. You decide what goes on the label. You decide what claims should be made. You can even decide to expand your very own product line, if you choose to.

Profits margins play a major role in the decision to Private Label, you may save as much as 25-50% or more when Private Labeling. Add to that the fact that many high quality private labeled products can actually demand higher retail prices that the “brand name”.

McCuaig Solutions Corp. can Private Label any of our 100’s of fine products to develop your own brand identity. We have several options from pre-packaged to stock formulations in bulk to packaging in your own custom supplied packaging.

Custom Formulations
McCuaig Solutions Corp. has the experience and knowledge to create safe and effective formulations and we can offer you the opportunity to develop your own custom products.

We can recreate an existing formula or work with you to develop a unique formula and brand identity targeted towards your specific needs.

We have a large variety of formulations that you can also tweak with the ingredients making your own unique product.

Contract Manufacturing
The partnership you form with the manufacturing company to manufacture your product is one of the most important factors in your ultimate success.

In using the contract manufacturing services of McCuaig Solutions Corp., you are assured of the following:

  • Production Capability
  • Manufacturing Flexibility
  • Cost Efficiencies
  • Quality Assurance
  • Compliance

Please feel free to contact us so we can discuss your objectives and the various options
McCuaig Solutions Corp. has to offer.