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About McCuaig Solutions Corp.

McCuaig Solutions Corp. focuses on specialty Cosmetic & Therapeutic Skin Care Products and Body & Bath Products using naturally derived ingredients. We specialize in the use of vitamins, herbal extracts, essential oils and Hemp. Our house brand “Natural Advantage” is extremely popular & distributed throughout Canada.

Listed are some of our best selling stock formulas & product lines;

  • Hemp enriched oils, lotions & creams;
  • Vitamin E Cream;
  • Sunless Tanning Lotion;
  • Herbal Shampoos & Hair Conditioners;
  • Facial Tonic & Cleansers:
  • Shea Butter Anti-wrinkle lotions & creams;
  • Scalp Tonic;
  • Foot Cream & Soothing Spray;
  • Hand Cleansers & Sanitizers.
  • Body washes;

We can develop formulas from scratch, modify existing formulas to create a unique formula or manufacture your own existing formula. This concept was developed out of customer need for high quality, naturally-based skin care products produced in smaller batch runs.