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About McCuaig Solutions Corp.
McCuaig Solutions Corp. researches, develops, manufactures, packages and tests a variety of solution / liquid based products which include:
  • Personal Care Products for the Nursing Care Industry
  • Professional Massage Therapy Oils and Lotions
  • Therapeutic and Cosmetic Topical Skin Care products
  • Body & Bath products
  • OTC pharmaceuticals such as Ointments, Sunscreens, Analgesics
  • Natural Health and Traditional Medicine products
  • Pet Grooming products
  • Specialty Sanitizers & Disinfectants

Our facility provides the environment & staff to effectively handle the entire manufacturing process. We have in-house product development capability complete with Chemistry and Microbiology laboratories. Our manufacturing and packaging division is equipped with a variety of equipment such as stainless steel thermal jacketed mixing tanks, replica omega computerized liquid filling equipment, piston and tube fillers to ensure the safe and efficient manufacturing & packaging of a wide range of processes and filling capabilities.

To achieve superiority in the fields of product development and the manufacturing of solution based products, McCuaig Solutions Corp. concentrates on its key strengths:

  • Developing product lines that target specific industry & consumer needs;
  • Adding new products to keep pace with industry advances;
  • Adhering to stringent Manufacturing & Quality Assurance practices.

We are proactive to marketplace developments and remain knowledgeable about industry trends & concepts. Our flexibility allows us to provide customers with a range of individualized services.

  • Providing a comprehensive mix of products at competitive prices;
  • Custom Product Development & Private Label Options;
  • Providing small to large batch sizes with quick turnover;
  • Services of highly qualified & experienced chemists and staff;
  • Health Canada and FDA regulatory expertise;
  • Technical assistance expertise.